At Transpariclean Window Service Inc. we have been letting life shine through for our customers since 1999.  Clean windows are who we are, clean windows are what we do!


What We Do

We specialize in window cleaning for both residential and commercial properties.  Other services that we provide or can assist you in arranging include: gutter cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning, and office cleaning.


Window Cleaning:



Cleaning our windows not only adds to the enjoyment of our time spent inside our homes, but it is also an important factor in extending the life of the glass.  Transpariclean Window Service Inc. has cleaned the windows on hundreds of houses throughout Wisconsin.  We can provide a one-time service or set up regular cleanings on the schedule of your choice.

Our technicians will hand wash your windows using strip washers and squeegees.  As part of that process we will perform a light cleaning of other parts of the window including the screen, frame, sill and sash.  A more detailed and deeper cleaning of these areas can be performed upon request.  

Our technicians strive to show the utmost respect for your home and property.  We provide our own drop cloths, water, towels, ladders and other equipment, the only thing you have to provide are the windows to clean!

Whether you have four windows or 400, Transpariclean is happy to assist you!  Whether you have casement windows, storm windows, double-hung, or divided light; whether you have high windows or short windows, tall or small, Transpariclean Window Service Inc. cleans them all!



Most business owners realize the importance of making a good impression on their customers.  Cleanliness is an essential part of that impression, and having clean windows is a key part in the cleanliness of your building.  Transpariclean provides regular window cleaning services to over 70 local businesses.  We will work with you in setting up a maintenance schedule that will maintain the cleanliness of your glass as well as fit within your budget.


Water Stain Treatment

Hard water can cause big problems.  Lawn sprinklers left to overspray on the windows can cause permanent damage to the glass.  Treat those windows before it’s too late!  Transpariclean can mitigate Stage 1 hard water stain damage, and improve the look of glass with damage beyond Stage 1.  Remember though, that the best way to avoid permanent damage is to adjust your sprinklers as best you can to avoid overspray!


  New Construction Cleanup

Building a new home or commercial building?  Transpariclean happily teams up with contractors or the individual home or building owner to provide new construction window cleaning.  Take pride in your building, and let us make your new windows shine!


Other Services:

Have a larger project than just window cleaning?  Transpariclean can also clean your gutters and arrange with allied service companies to handle your pressure washingcarpet cleaning and office cleaning needs!

Who We Are

Scott Schraufnagel

Scott has been cleaning windows for 17 years and in the 15 years since he started Transpariclean Window Service, has literally cleaned hundreds of thousands of windows!

Gene is the newest member of the Transpariclean team and happens to be Scott's brother. He is very through and brings a positive spirit to our crew!

Gene is the newest member of the Transpariclean team and happens to be Scott's brother. He is very through and brings a positive spirit to our crew!

Ryan Kielpinski

Ryan has worked his way into the hearts of our customers through his talent and great people skills. He's a very experienced window cleaner who will do a fantastic job on your home or office!

Alyssa is our Office Manager. She does a great job juggling scheduling, arranging for estimates, and making sure we take the best care of our customers.

Meet The Owners

Scott M. Schraufnagel is the majority shareholder and President of Transpariclean Window Service, Inc. Maria G. Schraufnagel is the Corporation Secretary. Scott started Transpariclean in 1999 with just a few pieces of equipment and even fewer clients! Scott and Maria were married soon there after and have lovingly attended to serving the needs of their customers. The business has steadily grown each year as more and more customers hear about the high level of service and personal attention that others have received from choosing Transpariclean for their window cleaning needs. Scott and Maria continue to be committed to providing a superior level of quality and customer service, and wish to thank everyone who has contributed to their success story!